California Truck Insurance

California Truck Insurance offers a full line of commercial truck insurance commodities as well as specialty trucking industry services. If your truck, cargo or trailer exists, California Truck Insurance can cover it while providing the best commercial truck insurance rates in California. Teamed up with over 25 specialty truck insurance providers, we offer one of the fullest lines of commercial truck insurance in California. From moving truck insurance to hazardous materials haulers insurance, we provide every kind of truck insurance, cargo insurance and trailer insurance under the sun.

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California Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck insurance in California is one of the most specialized forms of commercial truck insurance you can buy, because good tow truck insurance needs to cover all of the applications tow trucks are used as well as the variable value of the cargo they tow. In California, tow truck insurance is highly regulated and mandated by California truck laws, so you owe it to yourself to get your tow truck insurance in California through a trusted company experienced with the law. With over 25 partnered insurers, California Truck Insurance offers the best tow truck insurance rates in the commercial truck insurance business.

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Commercial Truck Insurance in California

Commercial truck insurance in CA is highly regulated by law and thus extremely diverse and specialized. Commercial truck insurance required for produce haulers is vastly different then that required for aggregate haulers. California Truck Insurance is partnered with over 25 specialty insurers nationwide to offer coverage to every niche of California’s commercial truck insurance industry. Whether you’re an independent seeking bobtail insurance or a large motor carrier looking for general liability insurance, general freight insurance and workers compensation insurance, California Truck Insurance offers free commercial truck insurance quotes and the best commercial truck insurance rates in the industry.

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