Workers Compensation Insurance

All motor carriers and trucking fleets are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance in California. Workers comp insurance in California is regulated by state laws and available to motor carriers by California Truck Insurance in all its legal forms and variations.

Workers comp insurance is designed to protect workers and businesses alike—while it provides money for medical care and lost wages for time employees are unable to work due to injuries sustained on the job, it also protects companies from lawsuits related to negligence since employees are paid while off work and covered with medical expenses for the care they require to heal.

Overall, workers compensation insurance in California is thought to provide truck drivers with safer working conditions and something of a financial safety net should they be injured by unforeseen accidents related to the job. This is not to be confused with bodily injury insurance—a form of coverage under general liability policies that pay for medical expenses of those injured by drivers from accidents on the road.

California Truck Insurance offers the best workers compensation insurance to motor carriers and trucking companies of all kinds, and can help you easily understand all requirements and compliances necessary in California. Workers compensation trucking insurance varies greatly state to state, and in California there is a separate insurance board for passenger trucks and household goods carriers than there is for all other carriers. You may qualify for a variation of workers comp insurance called occupational accident insurance.

Check out some more information on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Commission Website or contact California Truck Insurance if you’re not sure which policy will work for you best.

If you’re looking for workers comp insurance, chances are you’re a fleet interested in other commercial truck insurance services as well. Browse our list of services listed in the sidebar and contact a friendly expert agent today for a free commercial truck insurance quote to see how California Truck Insurance can get you the best truck insurance rates in California.


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