Warehouse Legal Insurance

Warehouse legal liability coverage is essentially warehouse insurance to cover cargo and goods in your loading facility that are actually owned by a third party. If you manage or own a fleet, motor carrier or any network of trucks that utilizes a loading station, you’ll want to look into warehouse legal liability insurance to compliment your business’s general liability policy.

Warehouse legal liability, also called warehouseman’s legal liability or sometimes just warehouse insurance, acts basically like cargo insurance when the cargo is off the truck. Sometimes a trucking company will draft contracts with shippers stating they are not liable for damage to their goods while stored in their warehouse facilities, but these contracts have historically been overturned in courts of law.

According to federal and state laws, businesses may limit their liability in this scenario with a contract that agrees on a dollar amount associated with their particular goods, but it prevents them from legally signing away their liability altogether. The warehouse is considered a bailee by California law and thus will be financially responsible for damage if they carry no warehouse insurance. Warehouse legal liability insurance will cover the losses of a shippers cargo should they be damaged in loading or unloading, or simply in warehouse accidents. Damage from machinery or pallet jacks, storage space failures like collapsing shelves or falling light fixtures, or just about any other situation that a shipper might hold a warehouse or motor carrier responsible for the damage to their goods would be covered under warehouse legal liability.

If you’re looking for good warehouse insurance, you’ll probably also be interested in things like commercial general liability insurance, occupational accident insurance, general freight insurance and a few other policies to round out the coverage of your trucking company.

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