Trailers Insurance

Trailer insurance is oftentimes called container insurance, but you should know the terms are used interchangeably. Trailer insurance is one of the most important elements of a good commercial truck insurance policy—After all, what good does it do to get the best primary liability and comprehensive coverage insurance to protect your truck or fleet if you don’t have any protection for your trailers or the cargo they haul? Container insurance from California Truck Insurance provides you with full coverage of the trailers you’re pulling up to a dollar amount you select that suits their value and the cargo you typically carry.

The coverage amount of trailer insurance in California can vary greatly because so many different types of containers and trailers exist—some are more expensive than others and some carry cargo that can be perishable if damage occurs to the container. Remember, at California Truck Insurance, our expert commercial truck insurance agents will always provide you with free consultations to make sure you’re looking into the right kinds of insurance for your specialty vehicles and containers.

Don’t forget that we offer trailer interchange insurance and a slew of specialized cargo insurance as well. Browse some of our other services that may be of interest to you or simply contact California Truck Insurance today to take advantage of our friendly expert agents and get a free commercial truck insurance quote for your independent rig or business.

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