Trailer Interchange Insurance

Trailer interchange insurance covers the assets of other trucking companies you may have a trailer interchange agreement with. If youíve ever been a truck driver or owned a motor carrier or fleet, you know that truckers love helping each other out. All you need to do to see this in action is take a listen on a public CB radio frequency or pass through a truck stop or weigh station. Thereís an entire language truckers use devoted to assisting each other and other motorists from the dangers of the road, and if thereís ever a rig with a mechanical failure at a truck stop, you can be sure to find at least a few helping hands regardless of what company logo is painted on the trailer.

Simply put, a trailer interchange agreement is when one trucker finishes a haul for another. Trailer Interchange coverage is needed when the owner of a trailer that needs goods delivered entrusts it and its cargo with a third party. Many times, trailer interchange agreements exist between trucking companies. Itís important to know about trailer interchange insurance because primary liability insurance will not cover cargo, vehicles or trailers the policy holder doesnít own. If you commonly have trailer interchange agreements with other trucking companies, you need trailer interchange insurance to protect the trailers and cargo of other companies from damage caused by accidents, theft, fire or vandalism.

California Truck Insurance specializes in trailer interchange insurance and can help you find the best rates for your trailer interchange coverage whether youíre hauling general freight or specialty goods. Contact California Trucking Insurance for a free consultation on the best trailer interchange coverage for your agreements and receive a free commercial truck insurance quote from one of our friendly and experienced agents.


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