Primary Liability Insurance

Primary liability is your first line of financial defense in the event youíre involved in an accident in your truck. Itís a term you may have heard used in regular auto insurance as well as commercial truck insurance, and its function is exactly the same. Itís important to know that state and federal laws require all operators to carry commercial truck insurance in California with primary liability before they can legally drive on the road. Primary liability will pay for both bodily injury and medical costs for people who may be injured in an accident that was deemed the driverís fault by law. It will also cover property damage to things like vehicles or other incidentals that may have been damaged as a result of the accident. While all commercial truck insurance in California will have primary liability built in, itís important to know that it will not cover damages to your own truck or injuries if the accident was your fault. If the other driver was at fault, their insuranceís primary liability will pay for your damages.

Itís a really good idea to consider comprehensive coverage insurance in your commercial truck insurance policy if you want to make sure that all of your own damages are taken care of in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. Similarly, primary liability wonít cover damages to freight. Youíll need special cargo insurance like general freight insurance to cover that as well. California law dictates the amount of coverage of primary liability you need, though you can always choose to cover yourself for a higher amount just to be safe. If you want to know what Californiaís minimum levels of financial responsibility are, you can check out the DMVís page on that very topic here. But let us save you the trouble as the readís about as long and boring as the lines at the DMV.

Basically, trucks hauling general freight need about $300,000 of coverage for property damage and $750,000 for bodily injury. Those hauling hazardous materials need higher coverage bumping over a million dollars, and those that haul compressed gas or explosive liquids like fuel need a minimum of 5 million dollars in coverage.

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