Occupational Accident Insurance

Itís important to know that occupational accident insurance is not an interchangeable term for workers compensation insurance. California Truck Insurance is a fully licensed provider of both types of coverage, so feel free to contact one of our expert agents if you need a free consultation about the differences and which may be mandated by California law. While the differences in coverage amounts and the incidents the two policies cover can vary greatly, the premise between occupational accident insurance and workers compensation is the same.

Workers compensation is mandated by California law for all employees of motor carriers, but many motor carriers employ independent contractors to haul some of their deliveries. These independent owner/operators may not be required by law to be covered under a motor carrierís workers compensation insurance. For those drivers, the alternative of occupational accident insurance exists.

Occupational accident insurance is pivotal in a well rounded commercial truck insurance policy for the independent trucker. Some fleets will purchase occupational accident insurance to cover their independents and some independent truckers will purchase it for themselves. If youíre interested in occupational accident insurance, you may also need some of our other commercial truck insurance services as well. Contact California Truck Insurance to get more specific information about which policies youíll need for yourself or your business in California.


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