Logging Hauler Insurance

Logging insurance is an extremely important commodity as log trucks are some of the largest and most specialized vehicles in the commercial trucking industry. Logging insurance in California is particularly important since the dense forests of the Northwest provide a substantial wood supply for the industry. Though federal and state regulations limit the total weight of cargo-carrying trucks and routinely check trucks on the road with weigh stations during deliveries, logging truck cargo is extremely heavy and very dangerous to load and unload. Good log truck insurance is necessary to protect drivers, freight and other motorists in the event of a spill or an accident.

Loggers insurance needs to be set at a value that can cover some special procedures to clear obstructions in the event of spilled cargo. Usually logging trucks are loaded with hefty machinery and reloading trucks if cargo gets lost can be a costly production.

California Truck Insurance can provide logger insurance to independent owner/operators who contract themselves out for deliveries or to full fleets or motor carriers that specialize in log transportation and carry several log trucks under their own authority. Contact California Trucking Insurance to find out what insurance services you’ll need for your usual deliveries and get a free commercial truck insurance quote today.


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