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Commercial truck insurance in California is about as regulated an industry as it gets. Sure, there are laws requiring good commercial truck insurance for every driver operating in the US, but California law requires a lot of paperwork, registrations and proof of financial responsibility for all commercial truck drivers before they operate and get on the road. Some of these forms are constant for every kind of commercial truck driver and others are specific to the kind of rig you operate. Some are even specific to the cargo you’re carrying—as is the case with passenger trucks or tankers that haul fuel or hazardous waste.

California law dictates minimum amounts of coverage depending on the vehicle and cargo, and even requires special registrations and screenings for the driver. How do you make sure you’re correctly cooperating with Johnny Law? Get your commercial truck insurance through us! California truck insurance files all your necessary paperwork same day, no matter what kind of truck you’re operating or what kind of driver you are. Even if we’re handling commercial truck insurance packages for an entire motor carrier, all of the proper paperwork is filed the same day. You’re protected the day you sign your policy, both in the eyes of the insurance providers, and more importantly in the eyes of the law.

Not sure what kinds of State regulatory filings apply to you? Contact California Truck Insurance now - consultation is always free when one of our friendly expert agents sends you a free commercial truck insurance quote. Check out our other popular services and contact us today to get commercial truck insurance in California that’s specifically tailored to you.


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