Premium Financing

commercial truck insurance in California can be complicated, but California Truck Insurance is here to make it easy for you! Yes, we can insure any kind of commercial truck under the California sun and yes, we can insure every type of driver from independents to motor carrier conglomerates. We also guarantee a that we can get you the best commercial truck insurance rates in the United States, because we shop over 25 of the best specialty insurers in the country to make sure youíre getting the lowest premiums in California for commercial truck insurance that meets your needs and is specially catered to your business.

California Truck Insurance understands that even the best commercial truck insurance rates arenít always the easiest to pay for in a lump sum. Need financing? No problem. Our expert and friendly agents are ready to work out a premium financing plan that will work for you.

Check out a list of our services and contact California Truck Insurance to get free consultation and a free commercial truck insurance quote on all of the services youíll need to operate. After we get you the best commercial truck insurance rates, help us determine what kind of financing will work best for you, and youíll be on the road in no time with a truck insurance plan tailored to your budget. We finance independents as well as corporations; all you have to do is call us.


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