IFTA Fuel Tax Reports

Royalty Truck Insurance now handles your IFTA Fuel Tax Reports. Contact out registration office for more detials on how we can help you save time and frustration.

The IFTA, or International Fuel Tax Agreement is a government agreement among the United States and Canada that is technically designed to simplify the reporting of fuel thatís used by fleets and motor carriers that operate in more than one state, province or drivable country. If youíve ever worked as an operations manager or an accountant for a commercial trucking company, you know that fuel tax reports are not simple! They are extremely confusing just like any IRS form or filing. Not only is that difficult enough, but the feds leave the burden of being in compliance with the IFTA and International Registration Plan on the trucking companies and drivers. And guess what? If youíre not in compliance with the IFTA or IRP, it means youíre going to get fined! Hereís an easy solution; let California Truck Insurance handle your fuel tax reports.

You need commercial truck insurance in California, so why not let the same people that provide you with it accommodate your fuel tax services as well? California Truck Insurance is so much more than a commercial truck insurance company in California. Weíre networked with sister companies throughout the entire United States and can make sure youíre in compliance with all state and federal regulations to save you money and keep your business running smoothly. If youíre interested in fuel tax reports services, chances are you probably need a variety of commercial truck insurance for your business. Browse our other services and contact California Truck Insurance for a free consultation and free truck insurance quotes.


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