General Freight insurance

In the world of commercial truck insurance in CA, primary liability insurance is mandated by state and federal laws. But primary liability and comprehensive insurance coverage only protects you, your truck and any others that may be involved in an accident. While having these types of commercial truck insurance may be enough to keep you in compliance with the law, it won’t do anything to protect your cargo. Cargo insurance is necessary to protect your investments, your business and your customers. The most popular kind of cargo insurance in California is general freight.

General freight insurance covers your cargo up to a maximum amount that you can predetermine based on the goods that you usually deliver in your trucks. General freight insurance can be purchased for individual trucks to cover owner/operators and independent truckers, or it can be purchased by motor carriers and fleets to insure the cargo of all their commercial vehicles. General freight insurance usually ranges from $10,000 to $100,000. Though it is possible to draft a general freight insurance policy outside of those figures, cargo that goes beyond that scope is usually some type of specialty cargo that may require its own type of unique insurance. Hazardous materials, for example, are usually required to have their own policy due to the extra damages they can cause in spills or accidents.

California Truck Insurance can help you determine exactly what kind of cargo insurance you need and if general freight is right for you. We also provide several of the other insurances and services provided by California Truck Insurance that drivers may need in addition to general freight. Contact California Truck Insurance for a free commercial truck insurance quote and consultation regarding which types of cargo insurance will be right for you.


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