Comprehensive Coverage Insurance

Though not required by law as a minimum amount of financial responsibility, everyone with commercial truck insurance in California should have comprehensive coverage. Basic primary liability insurance only covers damages that you may cause in an accident, but it does not cover any damages to you or your truck. Comprehensive, however, will cover all damages to your property regardless of whose fault an accident was. Comprehensive coverage can also pay you for damages that you may suffer without an accident involved at all, such as damage from fire or even the theft of your rig. The best commercial truck insurance in California will have full comprehensive coverage, and the addition of special cargo insurance to cover your trailer and its contents as well.

Comprehensive coverage is essential for any trucking company or motor carrier to protect their assets, but it’s also a pivotal form of commercial truck insurance for California’s independent owner/operators. If you’re involved in an accident, can you afford to pay to replace you’re entire rig? Many independent owner/operators are still making payments on their rigs when they’re involved in accidents. Drivers with comprehensive coverage can rest easy knowing they’ll never have to pay out of pocket if their trucks are damaged, regardless of how it happens. If you’re an independent, check out our bobtail insurance services. More often than not, bobtail insurance will save you enough to allow you to indulge in comprehensive coverage so you can really protect your livelihood.

If you’re checking out comprehensive commercial truck insurance in California, you may need some of our other services as well. Browse some of our most requested types of insurance and contact California Truck Insurance for a free consultation, free commercial truck insurance quotes and the best commercial truck insurance rates in California.


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