Car Carrier Insurance

Car carrier insurance and auto carrier insurance are two terms used interchangeably for the same thing. Sometimes this service is referred to as car hauler insurance or auto hauler insurance as well. Car carrier insurance is a type of specialty commercial truck insurance coverage that is tailored specifically to car carriers. Auto carrier insurance needs to be specialized because of the extremely large fluctuation of cargo value an auto carrier may be hauling. Auto carriers can sometimes drive cross country with as many as fifteen automobiles loaded onto their rigs.

Auto carriers work for car dealerships very frequently, but also for moving companies, individuals transporting their vehicles across country, leasing companies and even government agencies. California Truck Insurance offers specialty auto carriers insurance in California that is geared to whatever capacity you’re running your business.

Whether you independently own and operate your auto carrier, or you own a motor carrier business with multiple trucks running under your own authority, California Truck Insurance can offer a free consultation on all-inclusive car carrier insurance policies that are specially geared to your needs. Check out some of the other commercial truck insurance services that you may want in addition to auto hauler insurance and contact California Truck Insurance for free commercial truck insurance quotes.


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