California Truck Length Restrictions

In California, the law states that a vehicle operating on the road cannot exceed forty feet. Of course, there are exceptions to this law, but sometimes permits must be purchased in order to allow for legal operation of your vehicle. Provisions in California law allow for special instances like towing semi-trucks to exceed the length restrictions. Also, certain passenger vehicles like trolleys and busses are allowed to be up to sixty feet in length. The law allows other provisions to accommodate for things like safety bumpers or rails, or bike racks on busses and variety of other exemptions based on particular hardware. California also has specific weight restrictions with regard to commercial trucks or campers, so be sure to purchase permits to operate these vehicles in California should they exceed weight restrictions. Permits can be found at any California truck stops or truck stops in neighboring states. For more detailed info about weight and length restrictions in California, check out the CA Department of Transportation website here.


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