California Truck Insurance FAQs

Does California Truck Insurance only offer commercial truck insurance in California?

No, though we have corporate commercial trucking insurance offices in both Glendale and Van Nuys, California, California Truck Insurance has a parent company called Royalty Truck Insurance that is licensed to sell commercial truck insurance policies in 27 states throughout the US. Click here if you need to purchase commercial truck insurance outside of California.

If I purchase commercial truck insurance in California, am I covered when I cross state lines?

Absolutely. Though truck insurance providers must be licensed to provide commercial truck insurance in the state the customer’s truck is registered in, just about all commercial truck insurance policies through California Truck Insurance cover drivers everywhere in the United States no matter what borders they cross.

How does California Truck Insurance guarantee the best commercial truck insurance rates for all types of drivers?

Most insurance providers will have a handful of specialties rather than a broad range of insurance services. California Truck Insurance, however, is partnered with over 25 of the best truck insurance providers in the country. California Truck Insurance knows the specialties of all of their partners extremely well and shops them for you based on your rig, location, employment situation and driving record to ensure that everyone gets the best commercial truck insurance rates while also getting them all the coverage they desire.

Is tow truck insurance different than standard commercial truck insurance in California?

Yes it is. Because trucks are regulated in the state and have such a wide variety of functions, insurance is specialized by law based on the type of truck being operated and goods being hauled. A dump truck hauling sand and gravel for example, would need a very different amount of coverage than a tanker hauling hazardous materials, and hence an entirely different insurance policy. Tow truck insurance is specialized to cover the usage of tow trucks very specifically, based on the nature of their use and that their cargo is always other vehicles.

What is primary liability?

Primary liability is the most basic and essential form of commercial truck insurance. It covers property damage and bodily injury to other vehicles and drivers in the event of an accident. Fleets and trucking companies need primary liability for all of their commercial trucks by law. Independent owner/operators sometimes only need non-trucking liability or bobtail insurance because they are covered by their company’s primary liability when on the job. It’s important to know primary liability won’t cover damages to your own vehicle if an accident is legally your fault. For that, and coverage against things like fire, vandalism and theft, you’ll need comprehensive coverage.

What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive commercial truck insurance is your first line of defense in protecting your own assets regardless of fault in an accident. Comprehensive will cover your own vehicle’s damages in the event of an accident and can also protect commercial trucks from damages due to vandalism, theft and certain disasters like fire.

What is bobtail Insurance?

Some independent truckers and owner/operators lease themselves out to other trucking companies for employment. When these truckers are on dispatch, they are protected by their employer’s insurance. Bobtail insurance is a way for these drivers to save on commercial truck insurance policies because they only need to pay for coverage for the times they are not on dispatch. This service is usually technically called non-trucking liability insurance and helps independent truckers save on overall insurance costs.

What is cargo insurance and general freight insurance?

Cargo insurance covers the freight that commercial truck drivers haul. It can be highly specialized in policies such as hazardous materials haulers insurance for tankers, moving truck insurance for household goods haulers, dump truck insurance for dirt sand and gravel haulers, car carrier insurance for auto carriers and the like. General freight insurance is a less specific type of cargo insurance set to a pre-determined dollar amount for fleets or truckers that need a commercial truck insurance policy for general goods.

What are your most popular commodities, coverages and customer services?

California Truck Insurance can provide any kind of commercial truck insurance in CA and throughout the United States. Our services include, but are not limited to:


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