California Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck insurance companies have the very specialized task of covering commercial tow truck drivers and their vehicular cargo in the many different applications tow trucks are used. Tow truck insurance is one of the most specialized commodities in commercial truck insurance since tow trucks are always hauling other automobiles of varying value and often have to hitch them in high-traffic situations.

Tow truck insurance in California is necessary for any driver who independently owns and uses a tow truck, and for business like auto dealerships or mechanics that may garage a tow truck for occasional use. Fleets that carry multiple tow trucks that operate under their authority are required to have tow truck insurance to cover all of their vehicles. Even government agencies that utilize tow trucks for utilities, construction or transit upkeep need to have good quality tow truck insurance in California.

California Truck insurance is happy to offer a full range of commercial tow truck insurance to accommodate any of these employment situations. Whether you need tow truck insurance for limited use or for a full time tow truck business, California Truck Insurance can help you get the best truck insurance rates through more than 25 of our partnered specialty insurance providers.

If you’re looking for tow truck insurance in California, you may also be after a number of other commercial truck insurance services. Browse some of our other services and specialties and contact California Truck Insurance one of our expert friendly agents to receive free truck insurance consultation and free commercial truck insurance quotes.


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